Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beauty in the Skies

The past couple of weeks we have been on the road visiting each companionship in their apartments.  It is always a wonderful experience to see them and to learn about the work they are doing.  As President Tucker interviewed them I visited with their companion about their Area Book and Apartment.  I also was able to let several of them log on to the New FamilySearch website. It was an amazing experience to see them connect with ancestors who joined the church in it’s beginnings and migrated with the Saints to Utah.  Of course several of them are the only members in their family, so we started to build a family tree for them and even reserved some work for them to complete in the temple once they return home from their mission.  I am so sorry I didn’t take pictures of each companionship, it would have been fun to post them on the blog.  I did take a picture of the sky one afternoon – I am always impressed with the majestic beauty that is all around.

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