Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sister Pinto Receives YW Recognition Award

Sister Pinto has been a member of the church for just a couple of years but has always done her best to set and accomplish goals to strengthen her testimony.  Sunday we had the privilege to  present her with the YW Recognition Award.  It was the only chance I have every had to act as a mother and place the recognition necklace around my daughters neck.  Thank you to Sister Pinto’s mom for allowing us to know and feel the great spirit Sister Pinto has to share.  Just for the record, Sister Pinto qualifies as a daughter in looks as well – she has brown eyes and is shorter than President Tucker and ISmile
We had a wonderful time attending church in Slidell and were greeted by the missionaries serving there.  We were greeted by Elders & Sisters Allen, Oviatt & Sisters Calaway and Larson, and managed to get a photo of Elders Reed, Sheriff and Sisters Pinto & Peterson

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