Friday, April 10, 2009

Just when you think that you have a lot to do, Physical Preparation

It is time for another update, when we were called they informed us that our mission would begin around the first of July. When in actuality our lives have not been the same since the day of our call. And our lives have certainly not been ours. One of the main tasks is to get the dental and physical exams completed. May I just say that they leave no stone unturned, and no part of the body unchecked.
If you think that the exams are tough as a young missionary, add 30 plus years of wear and tare on your body, maybe some additional weight and of course the list goes on. Then increase the types of diseases that naturally come with age and the world and there you have it.
Now try and coordinate your life with the different medical professions, and you end up getting 2 hours of work here, then off to a physical or dental exam, back to work, and then meet with the Gastroenterologists to schedule that wonderful colonoscopy. And of course we are grateful that we are going to Mississippi and do not need every immunization available. That is just the first week, then you try and mesh all of those appointments with each other, I first of all thought it would only take a month, but i was sorely mistaken.

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